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Expert Sleep Advice

In-depth Guides for Better Sleep & Improved Health

Expert Advice

The Effects of Poor Sleep

Introduction to Poor Sleep and Its Prevalence Welcome to our deep dive into the world of sleep and its impact on our lives. You might be reading this after a night of tossing and turning, wondering how it’s going to affect your day. Well, you’re in the right place to

Sleep Therapy

Are you wondering how to make your bedroom better for sleeping?

If you suffer from insomnia or frequent nighttime awakenings, the problem could be your sleep environment. Many factors such as body temperature, noises in the night, mattress type and even bedroom color scheme can all lead to a night of poor sleep. Does a high thread count equal better sleep?

Getting To Sleep

25 Tried-and-Tested Tips for Sleeping on a Flight

Ah, flying! It’s the magic carpet of modern times. But here’s a not-so-magical fact: sleeping on a plane can feel like trying to doze off at a rock concert. But don’t worry, I’ve got your back. With these 25 tips, you’ll be snoozing on your next flight as peacefully as

Sleep Therapy

Top Sleep Quotes to Inspire Rest and Relaxation

In our fast-paced and busy lives, sleep often takes a backseat. However, it is essential to recognize the importance of quality sleep for our overall well-being. To inspire you to prioritize rest and relaxation, we have compiled a collection of top sleep quotes from renowned individuals. These quotes highlight the

Waking Up

8 Healthy Morning Routine Ideas to Start the Day Energized

Productivity gurus will tell you, successful mornings breed successful people. What you do with this time of day sets the tone for your entire day. While some people suggest a freezing cold shower, this concept might not be the wake-up call you’re looking for. If you’re in search of more

Getting To Sleep

Best Foods to Help You Fall Asleep Faster

What are the best foods to help you fall asleep? We all know that a glass of milk before bed helps you go to sleep, but what about other foods and beverages? When we sleep, our body cycles through important restorative processes that help us feel refreshed and energized the

Getting To Sleep

5 Best Autogenic Sleep Quicker Training Videos

Stressed out and having trouble drifting off at night? Not much prior knowledge of meditation or relaxation techniques? Try using autogenic training YouTube videos to guide you. Into a deep slumber. Not sure what autogenic training is? It’s a relaxation technique that uses controlled breathing to help calm the body

Expert Advice

Why We Sleep: What Dr. Russell Foster Says

36% of your life will be spent asleep. If you live to be 90 years old, that’s 32 years!  While sleep is clearly important, most of us don’t give it a second thought. But, why exactly do you sleep? In his TED talk, Oxford University circadian neuroscientist, Dr. Russell Foster,

Sleep Therapy

8 Natural Remedies for Falling Asleep Quickly

If you’re looking to fall asleep quicker, stay asleep longer, and improve daytime performance then natural remedies for falling asleep are worth considering.  In certain cases, a doctor may prescribe a sleep aid but generally, these medications come with unpleasant side effects. Similarly, an over the counter sleep medicine, like

Expert Advice

Sleep & Success: Arianna Huffington TED Talk

Ariana Huffington, a Greek-American columnist and author of thirteen books is known around the world as one of the most powerful women in business. This Arianna Huffington TED Talk shows you exactly why she’s become so powerful. Nearly 10 years ago, at an event geared toward women in leadership, she

Expert Advice

Tactics for Quick Sleep By Jim Donovan TED Talk

“What if I could show you how to fall asleep tonight in less time than it takes you to eat a bowl of cereal? Would you try it?” This is the promise of  Jim Donovan TEDx Talk. If you are anything like the millions of Americans who are sleep deprived,

Waking Up

Why Do I Have Trouble Waking Up in the Morning?

If you’ve ever had trouble waking up from deep sleep, then you know it’s not a particularly great way to start your day. You might go to sleep with the best intentions to pop out of bed when your alarm goes off. But winning the morning battle is much easier

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What To Do If You Don’t Sleep Enough During The Night