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8 Home Remedies for Dark Circles Under Your Eyes

There are lots of at home remedies for dark circles that will help you look refreshed in the morning. 

People often associate dark circles under your eyes as a sign of exhaustion. While that’s often the case, unfortunately, some people are more prone to develop them than others. 

Not getting enough hours of sleep will certainly make these dark circles worse.

If you’re prone to bags under your eyes and need at home remedies for dark circles, you’ve come to the right place. Try these.

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Why Does Sleep Deprivation Cause Dark Circles Under Your Eyes? 


Sleep deprivation has a myriad of different effects on the body. 

One problem is that blood circulation slows down as a result of oversleeping, lack of sleep, or simply deviating a little bit from your regular bedtime schedule. This causes the dilated blood vessels to loosen, making the eye skin form a dark circle. 

Other conditions, such as sensitive skin or fluid retention, are also influential in the manifestation of dark eye circles. 

According to sleep expert Olivia Arezzolo

“Thanks to the thin blood vessels around your eyes, everything shows up here – including how dilated the vessels are. Inadequate sleep heightens dilation, which is exactly why your panda eyes appear.”

Sleep regulates your blood flow and hormones throughout the night. So, it’s no wonder that staying up late at night will affect collagen, the protein responsible for skin tissues’ strength and elasticity. As a result, poor collagen formation will reflect on your appearance.

As Olivia notes, 

Collagen, the key factor to dictate how firm or loose your skin appears, is governed by a hormone called Growth Hormone. Research shows that 70 percent of this is synthesized in deep sleep.’

Want to reduce Your Eye Bags? Try These At Home Remedies for Dark Circles

Depending on your skin type, the effects of poor sleep could be detrimental for you, leaving your eyes looking droopy, dark, and tired. 

Thankfully, this is easily-prevented with these foolproof natural remedies. 

1. Get adequate rest every night 

Sleeping badly is extremely common nowadays. This is why it’s crucial to monitor the hours of sleep we get every night to ensure adequate rest. 

If you believe that you’re not getting enough hours of rest, then changing a few lifestyle habits could be the difference between waking up refreshed and dark circles under your eyes.

Try sticking to a sleep schedule, creating a wind down routine at the end of the day, and reducing your caffeine intake. Check out this article to find more tips for restful sleep.

Also, remember, it’s not just about the quantity of sleep, but also the quality. As sleep expert, Dr. Shelby Harris explains,

“Let’s get you quality sleep over the quantity first. I have insomnia patients that come to me saying I have to get 8 hours, I have to get 8 hours. All you’re doing now is worrying about how to get those 8 hours that are painted in gold and put on a pedestal. That makes It worse. So, let’s focus on getting 5 hours but 5 hours that aren’t broken, 5 hours that feel better and then we can slowly work to get more.”

Getting a bit of extra sleep won’t just make you feel better, it will also get rid of the appearance of dark circles under your eyes.

2. Try a couple of drops of licorice extract 


Melanin excess is another factor to consider as a cause for dark circles under your eyes. 

Depending on your skin tone, high melanin content in the skin tissues around the eyes may account for your dark circles. Apply a few drops of licorice extract with cotton pads as an effective home remedy to get rid of these dark circles.

As dermatologist Dr. Jennifer Chwalek explains, “It contains liquiritin, an active compound that helps to disperse and remove existing melanin in the skin.”

3. Use cold compresses 

Try using cold water to reduce swelling and inflammation of the skin. Since the dark bags under your eyes are mainly the result of blood vessels dilating, applying cold compresses around the eyes works well to get rid of them by reducing that dilation.

Cold temperatures decrease the size of the blood vessels, which restricts blood flow. This lightens up the area under the eyes as the blood vessels don’t show so close to the skin. It also increases the tightness of the skin. 

4. Put Green Tea Bags On Your Eyes


Your skin care routine doesn’t have to cost a lot of money. Instead of pricey eye creams, try using green tea bags under your eyes. 

Loose blood vessels around the eyes will cause your eyes to look tired and dark. The caffeine in the green tea bags helps to tighten the skin, reducing the appearance of dark circles.

As Dr. Kiran Lohia explains, “Caffeine can tighten blood vessels and prevent accumulation of fluid or blood vessels. The antioxidants will also help in improving blood circulation and reduce dark circles effectively.”

Soak green tea bags in water and let them cool. Once the bags are cool, you can place them under your eyes for a little bit and keep them there for around 10-15 minutes and then rinse your face with warm water. 

5. Relax With Cucumber Slices 


There’s a reason why placing cucumber slices over your eyes as a beauty treatment in movies and media is so popular — because it works. 

One of the most doable home remedies for those dark circles under your eyes, you simply need two slices to pop over your eyes. The coldness and the vitamins help to reduce swelling.

As Dr. Kalpna Pindolia puts it, “They help constrict the blood vessels, which reduces puffiness and gives a lighter appearance around the eye.”

Put cold cucumber slices over your eyes for around 10-20 minutes a day to improve the appearance of the skin. 

6. Try Aloe Vera Gel 


Aloe vera is a great source of vitamins, promoting healthy skin regeneration.

If you’ve suffered from sleep deprivation, a teaspoon of aloe will help keep your skin hydrated. 

People with sensitive skin often use aloe vera gel since it’s one of the most effective remedies for dehydrated skin that doesn’t cause irritation.

Massage aloe vera on your face by applying it to your skin surface in circular motions. In no time, you’ll find your glowing skin.

7. Mix Tomato Juice with a Few Drops of Lemon Juice

Tomato juice acts as a skin lightener, which is especially useful to lessen the effects of a poor night’s sleep. 

To get the full benefits of this at home remedy for dark circles, mix a teaspoon of tomato juice with a few drops of lemon juice in normal water and gently apply it around the eyes. 

Skin experts say that lemon juice prevents the appearance of wrinkles and has a mild bleaching effect on the darkness around your eyes. The tomato juice also have bleaching effects that lightens the skin.

8. Soak With Potato Juice 


Potato juice is full of nutrients and vitamins that help prevent wrinkles thanks to the antioxidants. Not only that, but potato juice has shown to be able to remove dark spots and circles due to its bleaching effects.

If you’d like to get rid of the dark circles under your eyes, you can cut thin slices of potato and put them on your eyes. Alternatively, mash raw potato into a paste and spread this over your eyes using a cotton ball. Leave it for 20 minutes before washing off with warm water.


If you’re struggling with bags under your eyes due to poor sleep try these at home remedies for dark circles.

You’ll find that these remedies use everyday household ingredients and take less than half an hour to complete.
Remember, whether your dark circles are due to poor sleep, damaged skin tones, or genetics, licorice root extract is one of the most effective remedies for removing the bags under your eyes.