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5 Best Autogenic Sleep Quicker Training Videos

Stressed out and having trouble drifting off at night? Not much prior knowledge of meditation or relaxation techniques? Try using autogenic training YouTube videos to guide you. Into a deep slumber.

Not sure what autogenic training is? It’s a relaxation technique that uses controlled breathing to help calm the body and mind.

You can practice this technique right from your bed with almost no equipment aside from your smartphone, computer, or tablet. 

Read on to discover five of the best autogenic YouTube training resources to help you slip into peaceful sleep every night.

What is Autogenic Training?

Autogenic training is a relaxation training exercise that was created by the German psychiatrist, Johannes Heinrich Schultz, in 1932. 

It’s used to induce a positive, calming effect on the autonomic nervous system. 

Schultz noticed that patients undergoing hypnosis entered a relaxed, trance-like state and he aimed to mimic this technique to reduce stress and anxiety in people who were not undergoing hypnosis. 

The autonomic nervous system regulates the bodily processes that you don’t have to focus on, such as breathing and digestion. 

Practice autogenic training to induce a sense of calm over the mind and body, which can help mitigate restlessness and aid in falling asleep.

Autogenic training focuses on relaxing the body one muscle at a time while repeating a training script or mantra — also commonly referred to as mind-guided body scanning. 

How Do You Practice Autogenic Training?

How does autogenic training work? 

First, prepare yourself for complete relaxation. Find a quiet place without distractions, and ensure that it has a comfortable chair, couch, or bed. 

Loosen any tight clothing or hairbands. Take off glasses, shoes, or anything else that may be causing uncomfortable body sensations. Get as comfortable as you can be. 

Once you’re comfortable, take a few slow, deep breaths. 

This can take one or even several minutes — go at your own pace. 

The objective is to make the heartbeat calm and prepare the body to completely relax.

Once you have appropriately settled in, begin your mind-guided body scan. 

Focus on one part of the body, working either from the top down, or the bottom up. 

Focus on the forehead. Feel that it is present, and repeat a mantra to yourself like, “I am calm.” Say this to yourself five to ten times before moving on. 

Once you’ve finished the repetition, move on to the next body part, like the mouth, for example. 

Release the tongue from the roof of your mouth, part your lips slightly, and repeat the thought, “I am calm.”

Move down the body until you’ve reached your toes, repeating your mantra. 

The hope is that by this time, you will have relaxed yourself to sleep.

Looking for Autogenic Training YouTube Videos that Actually Work? Try These to Drift Off Quicker.

YouTube can provide a wealth of knowledge on just about anything you want to know, including autogenic training. 

Below is a list of autogenic training YouTube videos to help you drift off into a sound sleep.

The videos come from a variety of different sources, from average people simply wanting to help others, to autogenic training professionals and training centers. 

#1 – Autogenic Training – A Guided Relaxation for a Deep and Restful Sleep from BodyMindPower

This autogenic training YouTube video is perfect for lulling you to sleep. 

It opens with the moon and begins by instructing you to get into a comfortable and relaxing position.

It reminds you that there is nothing to be concerned with. Everything else in life can wait. 

It guides you deeper and deeper into relaxation. 

A calming voice takes you through each body part, repeating the mantra “My arms and legs are heavy. I feel calm and relaxed.”

BodyMindPower is a German YouTube channel that specializes in autogenic training videos. 

The channel has videos in both English and German with several different visuals to induce relaxation.

#2 – Autogenic Relaxation from the NHS for Pain Relief by the14thmoonofuranus

The training period in this autogenic training video takes a progressive approach by relaxing one body part and grouping it with the next, and the next, so that you end up softening many body parts in one mantra. 

After you’ve finished one round of the whole body, the cycle begins again. 

It’s set to the background of a relaxing sunset photograph that will take anyone to their happy place.

The14thmoonofuranus is a husband-and-wife-run channel from a couple that suffers from M.E. (myalgic encephalomyelitis). 

They use their platform to share their experience with others and educate people about M.E. 

They also provide a slew of other autogenic training videos.

#3 – Autogenic Relaxation Meditation to Help Induce Deep Relaxation by Relax For A While

This autogenic training YouTube video explains what autogenic relaxation is and why you should practice it. 

The instructor explains that it is not solely for sleep, but it is also training for stress and training for anxiety. 

If you’re looking for autogenic training for reducing anxiety at night, try this video.

The narrator first instructs you on how to set up your environment and get into the right headspace, then begins the autogenic training session. 

She reminds you of the process throughout the video, as it can be easy for your mind to drift off and become preoccupied when you’re getting into a state of deep relaxation.

Relax For a While is a great channel for those who struggle with sleep. 

She provides ASMR (autonomous sensory meridian response) videos and peacefully narrated bedtime stories for those nights when sleep just doesn’t seem to be in the cards!

#4 – Guided Meditation: Reduce Panic, Anxiety & Worry (Healing Autogenic Meditation) by The Honest Guys

This guided meditation provides autogenic training from a voice that could put anyone to sleep, set to the background of fluffy floating clouds. It’s paired with a gentle sound rhythm to help lull you into slumber. 

It’s slightly slower-paced than the other videos mentioned on this list and truly allows the viewer to drift off to sleep without realizing that they’re doing so.

The Honest Guys channel is a great source for anyone looking to relax. 

There are hundreds of videos, all focused on mindfulness, meditation, stress relief, sleep, and anything under the umbrella topic that is relaxation. 

#5 – Guided Meditation for Deep Relaxation And Stress Relief – Autogenic Training by Nilesh Goswami

This autogenic training YouTube video is for those who want to know more about the science behind why autogenic training works. 

This video delves a little further into the mechanism that occurs in the body and provides a brief background as to why autogenic training is important, narrated by training professionals. 

After explaining the mechanism briefly, Nilesh dives into a guided autogenic training session in his relaxing tone. 

Nilesh Goswami is an ex-IES officer, BA Tech, and MBA-turned-bestselling author. 

Needless to say, he certainly has the credentials and the passion to be considered an expert in leading others to a happier, more stress-free life.


If you’re looking for a natural way to lull yourself to sleep without any special equipment, herbal remedies, or prior knowledge or experience, look no further than autogenic training. 

It’s an easy and foolproof way to induce total body relaxation and an unparalleled sense of calm. 

Anyone can practice this technique, all you need is a relaxing environment and a few simple techniques. 

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