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Best Sleeping Bags for Big Guys 2023

Looking to protect yourself from cold nights on your upcoming camping trip but you’re tall? If you’re looking for the best sleeping bags for big guys, you’ve come to the right place.

While a snuggly mummy sleeping bag often gives you extra warmth for nighttime temperatures, you need plenty of space to stretch out.

Wide sleeping bags are great for those with a big shoulder circumference while extra length is important for tall people. Of course, you want all that at a reasonable price.

So check out our top picks.

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What To Look For in a Sleeping Bag if You’re a Big Guy

Big guys need big sleeping bags. But what exactly do you need to look for in a good piece of kit? 

Wider sizes, longer lengths, and good access are a great start, but here’s what else you need to know.

1. Wide sizes


Sleeping bags are notoriously slimline. While great for packing, this narrow nature isn’t always comfy for larger sleepers.

Try to look for brands that offer wider sizes to accommodate your big shoulder circumference, slight paunch, or larger feet. 

If you can’t find a wide size option, try one with a rectangular shape as the wider dimensions will give you extra comfort. Rectangular sleeping bags don’t have the tapered mummy shape, so they don’t cut off width with a semi-circle bottom.

2. Longer lengths

You can have the roomiest sleeping bag in the world, but if you’re too tall, your upper body will be cold as you can’t pull it all the way up. Or, you’ll have to crouch down inside, likely resulting in backache the next day.

Look for sleeping bags that come in long sizes.

3. Easy access

Larger sleepers will need easy access. There’s nothing worse than feeling like you don’t have enough room to unzip yourself during the night.

Not only does a decent zip system make it easy to get in and out, but it also gives you extra space to regulate body heat and heat loss without getting in a tangle.

4. The right temperature rating


You’ll want a sleeping bag for the right climate you’re in. 

If you’re headed somewhere chilly, you’ll need to check if the temperature rating goes low enough to cover your needs.

Look at the lower-limit rating.

Remember though, you need to pack it easily so consider your warmth to weight ratio. Unless you’re going into super arctic temperature, sleeping bags with ratings that cover three-season use should work well enough.

5. High-quality materials

A sleeping bag with premium materials will also make a huge difference. 

For maximum comfort, quality sleeping bags use decent fillers. Synthetic insulations are designed to keep you warm, but a natural lining (like a cotton or flannel lining) will give you breathability so you don’t get sweaty. 

A down-filled bag is ideal, but it can be puffy and hard to pack. These sleeping bags are also expensive. Good synthetic insulations should do the same trick and pack down small.

Outer materials should be durable so they’re not vulnerable to rips or wear, while soft enough to feel comfortable.

Want a more eco-friendly option? Look for sleeping bags made from recycled materials.

6. Easily packable


Backpacking bags aren’t that big so you don’t want a sleeping bag hogging all the room. Find a packable sleeping bag that folds down into a small bag.

Some websites list packed sizes and some don’t. If they don’t, look out for pictures of the bag that your sleeping bag folds into. This will help you to understand how small it goes.

7. Affordable price

With a lot of camping gear, the price reflects the quality. However, it can be easy to overestimate what you need from a sleeping bag and shell out for something far out of your price range.

If you’re looking to climb Mount Everest, you’ll need a top-shelf all-singing all-dancing sleeping bag — it could be a matter of life and death.

However, if you’re looking for a sleeping bag to whip out in a grubby hostel instead of using their moth-ridden blankets, it shouldn’t break your backpacker budget. Look for a friendlier price with solid temperature ratings.

8. A guarantee of warmth


While a sleeping bag’s marketing spiel might hype up its materials, nothing speaks louder that testing stats than guarantee warmth.

When researching, look for standardized testing results that prove heat retention at colder temperatures. It’s no good buying an arctic-level sleeping bag only to find it’s good for three-season use at best.

A warm sleeper is a sleeper who’s checked out the testing notes.

9. A solid warranty

A sleeping bag with a lifetime warranty is confident in its ability to meet its claims and its product quality. All camping pros know that shoddy camping equipment doesn’t have a solid warranty.

But it doesn’t have to have a lifetime warranty. It just needs a solid warranty that covers all the premium materials, from the zip to the insulation. 

The 4 Best Sleeping Bags for Big Guys Who Need Room

So, you’re ten feet tall with broad shoulders and big feet. The standard sleeping bag doesn’t give you an iota of space to play with, so all your backpacking trips have resulted in you being a cold sleeper.

Luckily, there are sleeping bags with generous dimensions to accommodate broad shoulders and larger sleepers and still provide extra comfort.

Here are our top picks.

1. Best Long Sleeping Bag for Cold-Weather Climates: Camfy 50℉


When you choose sleeping bags for camping as a big guy, you’re looking for the roomiest sleeping bag you can find.

The Camfy 50℉ is a rectangular sleeping bag with generous dimensions. It’s available in regular length, but if you’re over six feet tall, the long length option is designed to keep the bigger sleeper comfortable.

The lowest temperature it goes down to is -19°C (2.2°F), so you should experience efficient warmth while on your cold-weather backpacking trips where it gets down to the 30s at night.

It’s highly durable, with the outer layers made from high-density 185T polyester. The inner layers create furnace-like warmth thanks to its premium materials: synthetic insulations and 70% recycled materials.

The two-way zip is not only a great way to ventilate excess heat, but it also makes it easy to get in and out if you have big arms and wide shoulders.

If you’re traveling as a couple or you’d like even more room, you can also zip two of these sleeping bags together.

Enjoy free shipping on your order.

2. Best Long Sleeping Bag for Three-Season Use: Camfy 30℉


The Camfy 30℉ is made from the same material as the version made for colder weather — synthetic insulations and recycled materials. It’s super soft and has a great comfort rating.

The main difference is the temp rating. Looking at the standardized ratings, the lowest temperature it’s able to withstand is -4°C(24.8°F). This makes it perfect for three-season camping.

Most sleeping bags that are good for three-season use tend to be bulky. Not this one. This one has a great warmth to weight ratio, folding down to a cantaloupe size. This makes it small enough to fit in most bags and easy to carry on your camping adventures.

The rectangle shape is great for those with shoulders wider than the standard shoulder girth, and the two-way zip system makes it easy to get in and out.

It also has a solid warranty — 100% satisfaction back guarantee, and a 30-day unconditional return and exchange policy.

3. Most Accessible Wide Sleeping Bag: AYAMAYA Wearable Splicing Sleeping Bag


Tall people often feel they need more accessibility since broad shoulders and bigger arms feel trapped in a sleeping bag with a tapered mummy shape.

This wearable sleeping bag not only has generous dimensions and supernova warmth, it also has arm holes to allow you to reach outside the sleeping bag, without too much heat loss.


Perfect for three-season camping, this sleeping bag is made from premium materials that withstand some colder weather.

The durable outer shell is made from 190T polyester, while the inner filling is made from synthetic insulations and lined with natural, breathable cotton.

This means, it’s not only the roomiest sleeping bag, but it has a high comfort rating. The synthetic fibers trap your body heat well, but the breathable cotton stops you from sweating, which can cause excess heat loss.

Also, there’s an extra bonus. You can pack a pillow or stuff clothes into the pillow sleeve, for a sturdy head and neck rest.

Plus, if you’re traveling as a couple or want even more room, you can zip two of these sleeping bags together.

Best of all is the cost. It has a friendlier price than most sleeping bags for large sleepers. In fact, it’s change out of 50 bucks!

4. Best for Mummy Sleeping Bag for Foot Room: Relaxed Mummy Camfy Bed 30℉


If you’re packed person to person without an iota of space between you, you don’t want the end of your sleeping bag touching the tent walls. Wet tent walls will end up in a damp sleeping bag and, ultimately, a cold sleeper.

Sometimes, you just don’t have room for a rectangle sleeping bag and you have to choose the tapered mummy shape. 

The Relaxed Mummy Camfy Bed 30℉ has wide shoulder circumference and is available in long length for extra space. However, since it’s not a rectangle, you won’t have dead spaces at the end of your sleeping bag.

This sleeping bag will shoulder seasons spring through fall and you can pull the drawstring tight around your head so the draft collars will stop cold air blowing in. 

It’s made from the same materials as the Camfy sleeping bags above and it comes with the same warranty and free shipping.

To Sum Up

You don’t have to sacrifice warmth just because you’re tall and broad. Large sleepers can choose from any of the above sleeping bags and experience supernova warmth from high-quality, durable materials.

Remember though, you’ll need a decent sleeping pad or you’ll absorb the cold from the ground. If you’re looking for a good lightweight backpacking mat, try the Campy P3 Air Sleeping Pad.

If you need more help, why not just drop us an Instagram message (@snoozerville).