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7 Best Short Invigorating Morning Yoga Videos

An uplifting morning yoga session will wake up your mind and body so you’re open to the possibilities of the day. That’s why it’s a great idea to fill your yoga playlist with morning yoga 15 min videos you can dip into at any time.

A 15-minute morning yoga routine will center the mind and ground the body, while helping you to stretch out your muscles to get ready for the day. That’s the beauty of yoga — it has full-body benefits in one quick workout.

If you’re looking to add a morning yoga routine to your daily schedule, try adding a few of these quick videos to your morning yoga playlist.

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What are the Benefits of Yoga in the Morning?

The benefits of yoga are both mental and physical.

Morning yoga poses will stretch out your muscles to help you limber up for the day. Not only that but an effective yoga sequence will help you to build strength and flexibility simultaneously.

Incorporating a daily yoga practice will also help you to lose weight.

Research even shows that a gentle yoga practice each morning can help relieve symptoms for those in chronic pain.

Another major benefit of yoga is the effect it has on your levels of stress. Yogic breathing techniques combined with full-body movements help to relieve mental stress.

The breathing techniques open the chest and help focus the mind, which relaxes the brain and body. This helps you to feel more reflective and centered, allowing you to control your emotions and cope with stress better.

As experience yoga teacher Jonelle Lewis explains:

“When I first started practicing yoga I noticed it helped me respond to challenges that came up, as opposed to reacting to everything. It made me feel a lot less stressed and able to live my life a little bit better. The benefits for my mind really started to outweigh the benefits for my body. It was making me a lot more reflective and thoughtful, a lot more compassionate towards myself and a lot more compassionate towards other people.”

In short, the combination of gentle morning stretches and yoga breathing techniques guide your body and mind to a more restorative place.

The Best Morning Yoga Poses To Energize Your Body

The best morning yoga poses gently stretch you out, while encouraging energy to rise up into the body.

You’ll notice that lots of morning yoga poses focus on moving in an upward direction to provide a physical and mental uplifting motion for the body and mind.

A sun salutation is the most popular morning movement and offers an all-round vinyasa yoga flow that encourages deep yoga breathing, while engaging your full body. The upward direction of movement energizes the body and wakes you up for the day ahead.

Child’s pose is a beautifully restorative morning position. Folded over your upper thighs with your knees to your chest, you open up your shoulder blade space and lower back to make space for deep breaths that fill the entire torso.

The forward fold is another great way to relax the mind in the morning. By folding your torso over legs, this inversion helps to drain the lymph nodes and reduce anxiety.

If you want to bring the burn, a plank position will fire up your muscles. On your forearms and tip-toes, this juicy position engages the core, upper thighs, buttocks, and biceps to hold your body weight. 

You should also try:

  • Seated twist
  • Camel pose
  • Fish pose
  • Chair pose
  • Downward facing dog
  • Happy baby
  • Cat cow
  • Warrior 1
  • Dancer pose
  • King pigeon

7 Morning Yoga 15 Min Videos For All Skill Levels

Looking for morning yoga 15 min videos to add to help you wake up in the morning?

Whether you’re trying yoga for the first time or you have your technique nailed down, these 15-minute morning yoga sequences are a great way to kick off your day and energize your mind and body.

#1 – 15 Minute Strength and Flow by Adam Husler

A beautifully simple full body yoga sequence, Adam Hustler provides a comprehensive guide to explain the elements of yoga in a straightforward way. If you’re a beginner, Adam Hustler is a great yoga instructor to walk you through each position with clear instructions.

Combining beginner-level movement with breath, this yoga pose sequence engages the whole body in a quick workout to wake up feeling refreshed.

#2 – Sunrise Yoga – 15 Min Morning Yoga Practice by Yoga With Adriene

Yoga with Adriene is the ideal channel for beginner and intermediate yoga practitioners. 

A far cry from your professional yoga snob, Adriene is a friendly yoga instructor who provides everyday morning yoga workouts that get your heart rate up and prepare you to start your day.

This 15 minutes of yoga gets the whole body active, from the balls of your feet to the top of your head. Enjoy the restorative spine stretch that comes from this body vinyasa yoga sequence that runs you through a simple sun salutation. 

If you struggle with depression in the morning, this sequence is the perfect yoga for depression thanks to its uplifting nature.

#3 – 15 Min. Full Body Stretch – Daily Routine for Flexibility, Mobility & Relaxation by Mady Morrison

Designed for people who have done yoga before, Mady Morrison offers intermediate level yoga in this 15-minute online yoga session.

For those who prefer mat time music over a speaking guide, these yoga classes offer silent video guidance along with soft, gentle music. 

Mady Morrison encourages slow movement accompanied with slow breaths to wake the body up slowly and gently.

This session focuses on a lot of floor work with emphasis on stretching the calves, upper thighs, lower back, and spine.

#4 – 15-Minute Morning Yoga Flow – Gentle All Levels Yoga by Cat Meffan

If you’re looking for a yoga instructor that offers all levels of online yoga classes, Cat Meffan is a top choice.

In this morning yoga 15 min wake-up call session, Cat Meffan runs through a full body vinyasa sequence that stretches the back, hips, thighs, core, and spine.

An all level yoga class, you’ll find this session encourages physical sensations throughout the whole body to turn on your energy and wake up your muscles. Encouraging you to delve into deep breaths, Cat Meffan gets the heart rate pumping to prepare your body for the day.

#5 – 15 Min Yoga – Energy Boost & Stress Relief by Gayatri Yoga

While this 15 Min Morning Yoga – Energy Boost & Stress Relief session is perfect to start your day, it’s also a great way to shake out your body when you need a break during the day.

Running you through a series of basic moves, this 15 minutes of yoga focuses on opening the chest and belly to control the breath and stimulate full-body health.

Going through basic floor and standing poses, this session is aimed at all skill levels who need help with healthy morning routine ideas.

#6 – 15 Min Ashtanga Daily Minimum by Ocean Vayu Yoga

Ocean Vayu Yoga offers an enormous range of morning yoga 15 min sessions for all different styles of yoga.

This 15 minute ashtanga practice is designed as a quick workout to help you to keep the momentum of practicing every day even if you don’t have time for something longer.

Combining a calming breath pattern with dynamic movement, ashtanga yoga gets the blood pumping with energetic poses. It’s a little more vibrant than static traditional yoga.

Perfect for all skill levels, this yoga session finishes with a restorative meditation to center the mind and ground the body.

#7 – Advanced Yoga – Full Power, Intense Yoga Flow with KinoYoga

Want a little more in the morning? If you’re at an advanced level, you’ll likely need a little more of a push with your morning yoga. 

However, that doesn’t mean you need a long session to get the blood pumping. This advanced, full power yoga sequence by KinoYoga brings heat to the body and encourages deep breaths that fill the whole body.

Incorporating fast-paced flow with arm balances and advanced leg lifts, this is a top-notch quick session for those who already know their stuff


Now you have stacked yoga playlists of morning yoga 15 min videos to get your blood pumping in the morning, you’ll be able to wake up feeling invigorated every day.

Remember, sun salutations help the energy rise upward, providing an uplifting boost to start your morning off in a great mood.
If you’re new to yoga, don’t forget to buy a decent yoga mat to stop you slipping. Straps and blocks are also super useful.