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What Essential Oils Are Good for Energy in the Morning?

If you’re interested in a natural remedy for your morning tiredness, you may be asking yourself what essential oils are good for energy.

Treating your morning sluggishness with aromatherapy is a great way to kick the brain into action through your olfactory sense.

Invigorating fragrances help to increase blood flow and send signals to the brain, which wakes up the body and mind in the morning.

If you want to know what essential oils are good for energy, read on to learn the scents to pick to start your morning with a bang.

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How Do Essential Oils Boost Energy?

When you inhale essential oils, the smells lock into some of the oldest and deepest parts of the human brain, triggering physical and emotional reactions.

As you breathe in, the volatile oils in the essential oils hit the olfactory cells at the top of the nose. These cells have little hairs that use a ‘lock and key’ process to recognize particular fragrances. 

Nerve impulses are produced that relate to this smell, sending messages to the limbic system. These signals alter brain chemistry and trigger hormonal reactions that can change how you feel.

Certain essential oils send signals to the brain that invigorate the body, encouraging blood to flow and energizing hormones to release.

What Essential Oils Are Good for Energy First Thing in the Morning?

Need an energy boost in the morning to get the blood pumping and the ideas flowing?

If you feel sluggish first thing and need some healthy morning routine ideas to invigorate your mind and body, here are the best essential oils for energy.

1. Lemon oil

Lemon oil is one of the most popular oils for energy, thanks to its invigorating scent. 

Known to induce positive energy, lemon oil inhalation has been shown to boost your mood and reduce tension, nervousness, anxiety, and exhaustion.

If you’re feeling fatigued and you want a natural energy boost, put a few drops of lemon oil into an oil diffuser and let the scent waft through your bedroom in the morning. The citrus scents have energizing effects that help fuel your energy levels.

Interestingly, lemon oil also helps with acne and skin irritation, which is why skin care products often smell like lemon. For a dual function effect, put a couple of drops into a carrier oil, like jojoba oil, and add topically. This will help clear up skin conditions and boost energy.

2. Peppermint essential oil and spearmint essential oil

Both peppermint oil and spearmint oil are known for having multiple health benefits, including antibacterial properties that help oral health and respiratory function.

But did you know that spearmint and peppermint essential oils can reduce fatigue? This gives you a boost of energy to get you up in the morning or help you through your afternoon slump.

To use this oil for energy, put a few drops of peppermint oil or a few drops of spearmint oil into a diffuser with water. The hot water helps the volatile oils evaporate so the fresh scent wafts around your room. This clean smell is perfect for waking you up in the morning or if you’re tired later in the day.

So, if you want a fresh start to the day, drop peppermint oil into your essential oil diffuser and enjoy the multiple health benefits and energy boost.

3. Grapefruit oil

Looking for a sense of renewal first thing in the morning? Grapefruit oil is perfect for a little extra energy as it has an uplifting and reviving effect which helps to reduce fatigue.

One of the easiest ways to experience the energizing properties of this citrus fruit is to add 10 to 20 drops of grapefruit oil to a spritzer bottle. Fill the bottle with distilled water halfway and fill the rest with witch hazel.

4. Sweet orange or wild orange oil

Sweet orange or wild orange oil are some of the best oils for energy thanks to the refreshing aroma they give off.

Giving your room a sweet smell, orange oils are known for their energy-enhancing benefits that fuel mental energy. Orange oils can help drive away negative energies by reducing anxiety and fatigue.

As Dr. Mariza Snyder, author of The Essential Oils Hormone Solution, suggests:

“I love starting my morning with wild orange and bergamot. They really help me get out of bed.” 

If you don’t have an oil diffuser, you can pop a few drops of orange oil into an aromatherapy oil burner. Within a few seconds, the smell will permeate your bedroom and you’ll feel the energizing effects.

5. Frankincense Essential Oil

An ancient holy oil that’s used for energy cleansing, frankincense is famous for driving out negative energies.

But frankincense also has other health benefits. Most importantly, frankincense has been shown to significantly reduce fatigue and boost cognitive function, especially in cancer patients.

Frankincense essential oil has a woody scent that invokes a positive mood, mentally preparing you for the day.

While you can burn frankincense directly, it can be a little smokey. For a less intense effect, make an energy clearing spray with a few drops of frankincense in water and witch hazel. 

Alternatively, add the herbal scent of frankincense to your breathwork practice. Drop frankincense into a bowl of hot water. This will release the volatiles oils for energy into the air while you practice deep breathing techniques.

6. Bergamot Oil

While there are many health claims surrounding bergamot, the most promising is its energizing properties.

Bergamot oil reduces cortisol levels to decrease stress and induce positive feelings for instant energy and an extra boost of life in the morning.

It’s a great essential oil to add to your yoga practice. Drop bergamot oil into a spray bottle and fill with half witch hazel and half distilled water. Spray this on to your yoga mat before practice.

7. Cinnamon Essential Oil

The stimulatory effects of cinnamon essential oil are perfect for creating a sense of balance and high energy for waking up in the morning.

Whether you choose cinnamon leaf or cinnamon bark essential oil, you’ll benefit from the boost of energy it brings as it increases blood flow to get the brain and body going.

As certified aromatherapist Bella Martinez explains,

“Considered to be “heating” in Ayurvedic medicine, the aroma of cinnamon stimulates the senses and the mind.”

You can add a few drops of cinnamon essential oil to a water bottle spray or you can add a drop or two to your cup of coffee. It gives your coffee an earthy scent and warming flavor that makes you feel invigorated in the morning.

In Summary

If you’re not a morning person, waking up can be a struggle. Knowing what essential oils are good for energy can help give you the extra boost you need to kickstart your day in a better mood.

Remember, there are plenty of ways to use essential oils to create an invigorating morning environment. Try an oil diffuser, an oil burner, topical skin rubs, or room and linen sprays.

If you want an extra add kick, try using CBD essential oil. This set of three CBD essential oils from Tranquil Earth is ideal. There’s one for energy, one for focus, and one to relax in the evening.