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When Should I Replace My Mattress? RIGHT NOW

So you’re wondering “when should I replace my mattress?” If you’re asking yourself this question, it’s probably time to consider it. How many times have you laid in your bed tossing and turning to get comfortable or just staring at your ceiling in the hopes of falling asleep? You are not alone in this.

A high number of adults spend their nights this very same way and your yucky mattress is likely the problem. Use these mattress replacement guidelines to learn when it’s time to replace your mattress so you don’t suffer from poor sleep.


The lifespan of a mattress can vary depending on how often it is used, the weight of the people using it, the type of mattress, and the quality of the mattress components. However, according to The Better Sleep Council, the general rule of thumb is to replace your mattress once every seven years.

This is because the coil support systems and/or layers of foam experience damage over its life. If the coils and foam aren’t in optimal condition, they’re not supporting you properly, so you won’t get quality sleep. Instead, an inadequate mattress is likely to affect your health, causing chronic pain, exacerbating allergies, and disturbing sleep. You’ll struggle to find a comfortable sleeping position and you’ll get constantly woken up by noisy springs.

If you want restful sleep and you’re asking yourself “when should I replace my mattress”, it’s probably time to upgrade your current mattress. As your mattress ages, its quality will seriously deteriorate. Once your mattress has passed its average lifespan, you’ll start to feel the effects on your body, causing restless sleep.

If you’re wondering when you should change your mattress, ask yourself if you’re suffering from any of these issues. If the answer is yes, it’s time to switch to a mattress made with quality materials to give you the support you need.


Poor spine alignment can cause back pain. One of the big reasons you might be suffering from back pain is because your mattress is too soft. This causes your back to sink into the bed and it pulls your spine into an awkward position as you sleep. If you’ve got a foam mattress that’s too soft or a mattress with a low coil count, conventional wisdom suggests that this could be the culprit of your back pain.

There are different types of mattresses that help with spine alignment, but in general, expert guidelines suggest you should pick a firmer mattress. Medium-firm mattresses do the trick well for all kinds of sleepers, whether you lay on your back, side, or front.

If your uncomfortable mattress is affecting your spine alignment, try memory foam mattresses or hybrid mattresses for a more supportive mattress. The memory foam molds to your body to help create the perfect spine alignment. As Dr. Pixie Mckenna explains,

“With more of us increasingly spending a large proportion of our time in bed, relaxing, unwinding or taking on bed-bound activities, it’s never been more important to find the right mattress to support you fully and prevent any discomfort.

Chronic pain and muscle soreness can be a result of an uncomfortable mattress or uneven sleeping surface. As your mattress ages, the mattress components degrade, providing less support. This can inflame back pain and joint pain symptoms in people who suffer from chronic pain. If you’re experiencing muscle stiffness and higher levels of pain than usual, your mattress may be one of the biggest factors. Try a new mattress since studies show that the surface you sleep on can reduce chronic pain. 3-when-should-i-replace-my-mattress-snore-2797452

If you have a worn-out mattress, noisy springs won’t be the only thing keeping you awake at night. Wondering what to do if your partner snores? Trying to stop your own snoring? Consider switching your mattress. Intrusive snoring causes sleep disruption and poor sleep quality for those in the same room. Unfortunately, an uncomfortable mattress can lead you to snore more. If you have a soft mattress, this can cause bad body alignment, which can make snoring worse. By using the right mattress to keep you aligned, you’ll find that you can breathe better and you’ll quit snoring.


If your energy levels are running low in the morning, your regular sleep cycle is likely being disrupted. One of the key factors is your mattress. For lightweight sleepers, especially, you’ll need the perfect environment if you want improved sleep. A luxury mattress could be the first step.

Mattresses that are either too soft or too hard are simply uncomfortable, and you can spend a lot more time trying to find that perfect sleeping position. For some people, mattresses with springs are a real problem. Mattress owners find that the springs seem to dig into your back when you sleep on older innerspring mattresses. If you can’t afford a new mattress, you could always try adding a cushiony layer with a mattress topper.


A large portion of the population suffers from allergies. Not only is allergy season a nightmare, but dust can also wreak havoc on allergies. It’s important that people with allergies avoid places with a high concentration of dust. The problem is that a really soft mattress can act just like a dusty room. Not only does the dust lead to an increase in allergies, but dust mites also land on the mattress and get absorbed easily, leading to a worse allergic reaction. Imagine laying in bed and feeling like you have a cold all the time. 

That makes it nearly impossible to get any sleep and to top it off, the constant allergy attacks will only continue to get worse. Even if you clean your mattress every spring cleaning season, once your mattress breaches its lifespan, it’s likely full of dust. If you’re sneezing and coughing at night, it’s time to replace that mattress.

Dust mites don’t just lead to an increase in allergies, they also exacerbate asthma symptoms. Since your mattress is the perfect environment for dust, an old, yucky mattress can make the symptoms of asthma and other respiratory conditions worse. While it’s important to care for your mattress throughout its life span, if you don’t replace it in time, you’ll still experience worse asthma problems.


Did you know that a key component of sleep is your body temperature? Your body has a sweet spot that it needs to stay in so that you can sleep. According to sleep psychologist Michelle Drerup:

“Typically it is suggested that the temperature in the bedroom for adults should be between 60 and 67 degrees Fahrenheit for optimal sleep. Your body temperature decreases as part of the sleep initiation process, and this range of temperature is thought to actually help facilitate this decrease.”

Believe it or not, your mattress can have a huge effect on this. If your mattress thickness is too dense, then you can end up sinking into it and being caught in a cloud of your own body heat. This makes it harder to drop off at night, keeping you awake. Have you put on a little extra weight over the last few years? Excess body weight or significant weight gain can have a notable impact on the average lifespan of your mattress. Heavier sleepers will put more pressure on coils, putting them at risk of damage. Heavyweight sleepers should consider switching to a mattress with a higher coil gauge to provide more support. Looking for a new mattress? Try one of these favorites:


The Ecosleep Hybrid is a top-shelf flippable hybrid mattress made from organic cotton, Juma Wool, and organic latex. It’s highly breathable for good airflow, and uses 961 coils to provide maximum comfort. Choose from either a medium or firm finish on this triple-layered eco-friendly mattress.


The Layla Memory Foam mattress is the ideal choice for sleepers looking for a full memory foam option. The layers of foam are injected with a copper gel so that the mattress has a cooling effect for faster, deeper sleep. The anti-microbial components of copper also make this mattress hypoallergenic. Plus, this is a two-sided mattress. Enjoy the soft side, or flip it over for a firmer mattress. If you’re asking the question “when should I replace my mattress”, the answer is right now. If your mattress is living past its lifespan, it’s likely disturbing your sleep. If you’re having sleep difficulties, they’re probably associated with your uncomfortable mattress. It’s a two-way relationship. It’s time to switch your mattress for a newer model. For comfort and support, try the Layla Memory Foam or the Ecosleep Hybrid.