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19 Best Sleep Meditation Podcasts For Quality Sleep in 2024 – Snoozerville

If you’re having trouble dropping off, sleep meditation podcasts are a reliable method to induce sleep faster. 

Meditation has been used for millennia as a way to calm the mind and body, with many claimed benefits, including better sleep. 

Try these popular podcasts to help you drift off quicker into a deeper slumber for a well-rested night.

(Note. While we earn commission from the links in this article, we only recommend the products we truly believe will improve your sleep the most. These commissions come at no extra expense to you and help us to keep providing you with expert sleep information for free.)

How Can Sleep Meditation Podcasts Help You Drift Off?


Any kind of sleep disorder or stressful situation can cause major disruptions in your sleep schedules, interrupting your restful sleep. Daily meditation has been shown to reduce stress and improve sleep quality. Even short doses of meditation practice can help you achieve a peaceful night. 

Mindful meditation can help to prevent nighttime disturbances and bad sleep resulting in longer, higher-quality deep sleep. 

Listening to a soothing voice guide you through a meditation for sleep can act as a top sleep aid to help you drift into deep relaxation. Through a perfect combination of audio storytelling, atmospheric music, and comforting sounds, you’ll find yourself loosening up and letting go of the worries of daily life. Not only does it help your body to unwind, but it also helps provide stress relief by helping your mind to calm down. 

Add a calming meditation session to your bedtime ritual to enjoy deep slumber every night, easing the burden of insomnia and a racing mind.

If you need basic instructions for meditation, check out our sleep meditation guide.

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Our Top Meditation Gadget for Quality Sleep in 2022

At Snoozerville, we like to recommend tools to help you drift off easily and peacefully.

Meditation demands that you focus and shift your mind away from your inner thoughts. The problem is that everyday life can distract you — the noise of cars, bright street lights, your pinging phone.

Flowy helps you to let go of everything in the world through an all-immersive virtual reality (VR) experience.


By popping on Flowly’s VR headset, you can sink into a calming state with their full visual and auditory meditation experience.

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19 Sleep Meditation Podcasts to Send You Into a Peaceful Sleep Immediately


Bedtime podcasts are a great tool for falling into deep sleep quicker. 

White noise, guided meditations, and ambient sounds can stop outside stimuli from interrupting your sleep and keeping you awake.

Try these popular sleep meditation podcasts to send you off into a soundless sleep.

1. The Mindful Minute – @merylarnett

The best sleep habits start small, which is why we’re recommending The Mindful Minute for reflective meditation to aid sleep.

Available on Apple Podcasts, host and meditation teacher, Meryl Arnett (@merylarnett), leads mini meditation sessions that fit easily into busy lives. Each calming meditation guides you through a particular topic to help you let go of your daily stressors and encourage peaceful slumbers every night.

If you need instructions for meditation, you’ll find these meditations easy and stress-free. There’s no distracting background sound or ambient music. Meryl just uses her calming voice to guide you through the process to relieve sleepless nights.

If you want to hear more about sleep and meditation, Meryl also hosts longer podcast episodes with mindfulness and sleep specialists like Dr. Andrew Newburg and Dr. Ashanté M. Reese.

In each 30 – 45-minute episode, they discuss why mindfulness is important, how it affects different areas of life, and how to practice it well.

2. Sleep Meditation for Women – @katiekrimitsos


Women have a natural tendency to worry about their home, their job, their family, etc. This mental burden can disrupt a restful night.

For instant access to one of the best women-focused podcasts for sleep, try Sleep Meditation for Women by the Women’s Meditation Network and hosted by Katie Krimitsos (@katiekrimitsos).

Designed especially for women, this premium podcast helps you to reach the earlier sleep stages faster by lulling you into relaxation with positive affirmations, music for meditation, lullabies, and soothing sounds. 

Enjoy meditations with tracks to relax the mind and body, along with a soothing voice to guide you through the process. Focusing on gratitude, healing, anxiety, and depression, these meditation sessions tap into the worries plaguing women to help you shirk the weight of these burdens to embrace deep sleep.

This podcast is good for all levels of meditation, with each podcast ranging from 5 minutes to 1hr 30 minutes.

3. Meditative Music by Christopher Lloyd Clarke – @christopherlloydclarke


While Christopher Lloyd Clarke (@christopherlloydclarke) doesn’t host a specific sleep-focused podcast, he does offer an exquisite ambient music experience as the soundtrack to your bedtime meditation journey. 

If you’re already familiar with meditative techniques but would like to add stunning audio experiences to your meditation bedtime routine, try these tracks by Christopher Lloyd Clarke.

More than just tranquil background noise, each episode features around an hour and a half of relaxation music to coax you into a restful sleep with sweet dreams.

Each episode of ambient meditation music has a different theme, so you can create a safe meditation space that focuses on tranquility, stillness, solace, transcendence, and so on. Discover episodes that feature singing bowls, wind chimes, bird sounds, and much more.

4. Guided Sleep Meditation & Sleep Hypnosis from Sleep Cove – @sleep_cove


If you’re looking for bedtime podcasts that have a bit of variety and fit into the rush of everyday life, try Guided Sleep Meditation & Sleep Hypnosis from Sleep Cove.

The Sleep Cove podcast (@sleep_cove) aims to help listeners fall asleep in under 15 minutes, making it the perfect nap meditation podcast. The show has a blend of bedtime readings, nap meditations, sleep stories, and sleep hypnosis. Pick from short 20-minute sessions or longer 30- to 40-minute episodes.

Hosted by Christopher Fitton, each weekly episode features Christopher’s low, raspy voice. His deep, monotone voice relaxes you into a deep slumber, without overpowering background music. Whether you’re listening to a bedtime story podcast or a sleep hypnosis session, you’ll find Christopher Fitton easy to follow and relaxing to listen to.

5. Relaxing Beach and Waves ASMR Soundscape Podcast


If you’re trying to induce a calm night of sleep, try ASMR soundscapes.

ASMR (autonomous sensory meridian response) is a physical sense of relaxation, often reported to feel like a pleasant form of paresthesia or tingling. Certain sounds and sensations, such as gentle tapping and soft whispering help to induce this feeling.

The sound of waves, storms, and beaches can often result in ASMR. For your next sleep meditation session, trade in atmospheric music for the ASMR craze by listening to this podcast featuring beach and wave sounds.

Each ambient session offers over eight hours of sleep sounds to lull you into a deep slumber. With no human voice to distract you, you’ll find that the quality audio takes you right to the beach, making you feel as relaxed as you would feel laying on the sand. 

6. Get Sleepy – @getsleepypod


Get Sleepy (@getsleepypod) is a unique meditation and storytelling podcast that combines relaxing meditation sessions and soothing stories in every 60-minute episode. 

Available on Apple Podcasts, this show helps to improve sleep hygiene by getting you to sleep peacefully by offering a guided meditation first, followed by bedtime sleep stories.

Each story is read by a different calming voice each week and punctuated with ambient music and sounds. Enjoy the dulcet tones of Arif Hodzic one night and the baritone voice of Thomas Jones the next.  

If you’re looking for a combination of mindful meditation and a bunch of bedtime stories, this podcast is for you.

7. Sleep Meditation Podcast – @sleep.meditation.podcast

Ambient noise is soothing to the ear, which is why the Sleep Meditation Podcast (@sleep.meditation.podcast) helps you drift off so easily.

Another podcast filled with ASMR soundscapes for ambient meditation, this podcast offers 50-minute to four-hour episodes filled with sleep-inducing sounds such as city rain and natural jungle noises. 

The natural sounds and binaural beats help people with tinnitus and babies to sleep better through deep relaxation and comforting sounds.

If you’re looking for a podcast to lead you into a wonderful dream, try this.

8. Calm Sleep Stories – @calm


Calm Sleep Stories (@calm) are available on the meditation app, Calm. Calm Premium offers podcasts and soothing imaginative stories with a mix of music, sound effects, and meditative storytelling. The audio content in each of these stories for adults is top-notch.

As one customer, Laura Kuhn puts it:

“I struggle with falling asleep, used it last night, and passed out before the end of the session. I’m a fan! Great job!”

9. Tracks to Relax (@trackstorelax)


Tracks to Relax (@trackstorelax) is a podcast that offers sleep episodes for all kinds of relaxation in your busy life. Whether you’re looking for a soothing nap meditation, bedtime rituals, daytime relaxation, or bedtime stories, you’ll find it here.

Pick a 30-minute episode for a quick naptime session or choose a longer 60-minute episode to enjoy meditation for sleep at night. Each episode contains soothing exercises to help you drift off quickly and soundlessly.

Not only does each session offer easy-to-follow guided meditations, there’s also a mix of tranquil music and calming ASMR sounds, like whale songs, wind sound, white noise, gentle rain, and seaside sounds.

10. Sleep Meditation Music

Sleep Meditation Music is a meditation station dedicated to more advanced meditation practitioners who need music for meditation that can help them drift off. Each session is an hour.

Sleep meditation listeners who are used to meditation with music can enjoy lullabies and music that invokes visual images.

11. Sleep Meditation With Lauren Ostrowski Fenton – @laurenostrowskifenton


Sleep Meditation With Lauren Ostrowski Fenton (@laurenostrowskifenton) is suited to people of all ages and all walks of life looking for help and guidance with achieving a night of deep, sound sleep. 

Lauren takes you on a meditation journey, with each session lasting between an hour and a half to two hours. 

Extremely experienced at helping others, Lauren is a podcaster, life coach, writer, meditation teacher, and YouTuber of guided reflective meditation that encourages positive sleep suggestions and positive cognitive sleep patterns.

12. Send Me to Sleep Podcast – @sendmetosleepco


Improve your sleep habits in your daily life with the Send Me to Sleep Podcast (@sendmetosleepco), which focuses on meditation and hypnosis with the use of classic stories such as Sherlock Holmes or Peter Pan.

Each session lasts between 40 minutes to an hour and they’re suitable for kids and adults alike.

Unlike other bedtime story podcasts, this show features classic stories and meditations read in a monotone voice or a hushed whisper. While they’re not boring episodes, per se, the voices that read the stories help you listen to sleep by reading slowly, gently, and clearly, without too much excitement.

13. Sleep Wave – @sleepiestapp


Sleep Wave (@sleepiestapp) is a relaxing sleep meditation podcast hosted by award-winning meditation guide, Karissa Vacker (@karissavacker), and experienced hypnotherapist, Jessica Porter. Each week, the show brings you two new, original episodes packed with guided meditations and hypnosis sessions to help you drift off more peacefully.

If you’re looking for a podcast that helps you sleep better while focusing on your mental health journey, this is the podcast for you.

Podcasts include meditations and hypnosis sessions that focus on gratitude, healing, embracing change, releasing fear, resolving inner conflict, and more. Opening you up to the flow of life, these meditations help you work on your mental health so you can benefit from better sleep in the long run.

14. Autogenic Training by Meditation Life Skills Podcast – @meditationlifeskills

Autogenic relaxation is a relaxation technique focused on promoting feelings of calmness and falling asleep. 

In the Autogenic Training episode from Meditation Life Skills Podcast (@meditationlifeskills), you can learn the tactics for autogenic relaxation and use them in practice. If you need a better visual, you can also check out autogenic training YouTube videos.

15. Meditation Station (Sleep Hypnosis)

If you find deeper voices relaxing, the dulcet tones of Mr. J Black, from YouTube’s Meditation Station channel, are a real game changer.

Offering a wide range of sleep hypnosis, each podcast episode helps to improve sleep health and mental health with a relaxing sleep meditation and hypnosis.

You don’t need to be well-versed in advanced meditation. The calm voice of Mr. J Black leads you through each relaxing sleep meditation with clear instructions.

Sleep hypnosis and all things meditation when it comes to relaxing you and putting you to sleep peacefully every single night. Join Mr. J Black as you drift off tonight.

Now you can embark on each bedtime with relaxation in mind, by tuning in to an hour-long podcast episode to hypnotize you to sleep.

16. Meditation Minis – @hypnotistchel


Meditation Minis by Chel Hamilton (@hypnotistchel) consist of 10 to 15-minute short sessions that aim to reduce stress before bed with guided meditation. 

One thing that separates Meditation Minis from most other sleep meditation podcasts is that it has a non-dogmatic attitude towards meditation, making room for people of all belief systems to learn without feeling patronized or left out.

17. Sleep Sounds Podcast


Sleep Sounds Podcast includes a wide range of tranquil auditory experiences to help lull your brain into sleep.

In each podcast episode, the sound designers have combined classical music, white noise, pink noise, and/or nature sounds such as streams, oceans, city sounds. You can also pick guided meditations and sleep hypnosis sessions.

Each podcast lasts from two to ten hours — ideal for those who enjoy a bit of noise all night long.

This show is one of the best podcasts for babies. Pop it on during your bedtime nursing sessions to create a calm, safe space. The peaceful sounds of nature combined with the pink and white noise significantly relax baby brains to help them sleep calmly. 

18. Nothing Much Happens – @nothingmuchhappenspodcast


Nothing Much Happens (@nothingmuchhappenspodcast) comes from the mind of yoga and meditation teacher Kathryn Nicol and focuses on bedtime stories for meditation and auditory storytelling. 

It’s one of the best bedtime story podcasts, featuring 30-minute journeys through relaxing original stories that seem to have no real climatic events.

Each episode tells a story twice. First at a regular pace and then a bit slower a second time for a more meditative effect.

While it’s not technically a meditation podcast, it does lull you into a deep sleep.

19. Deep Energy Podcast – @jimbutlermusic

Deep Energy Podcast is not specifically for sleep but it is very helpful for drifting off. 

Hosted by Jim Butler (@jimbutlermusic), this podcast uses background music for meditation, such as ambient and new age music. 

Meditation with music can be helpful to focus your mind and relax your body so you drift off more easily.

Final Thoughts

Sleep meditation podcasts are a great way to calm the mind and relax the body to induce sleep in a tranquil way. 

If you’re just starting out, try a guided meditation so you can follow instructions for relaxing the mind. If you’re a little more experienced, binaural beats and ambient sounds should do the trick.

If you’re a meditation beginner and you’d like some help learning to meditate, get 10% off Mind Body Green’s course by signing up for their mailing list.

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