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Snoring During Pregnancy? 8 Top Pregnancy Snore Solutions

Unfortunately for expectant parents, snoring during pregnancy is very common. Not only does it disturb moms and their partners, it can lead to complications. 

If you neglect to address the issue of snoring, you risk compromising your health through sleep deprivation.

Thankfully, there’s a myriad of different ways you can overcome this. Here are some of the best solutions to snoring during pregnancy.

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What Causes Snoring During Pregnancy?

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Pregnant women report sleep disturbances due to habitual snoring in mid to late pregnancy. While there are many different causes for poor sleep quality, some of the most common reasons for frequent snoring include: 

  • Pregnancy rhinitis manifests as nasal congestion. Blocked nasal passages are a common pregnancy symptom as blood vessels swell and lead to other disorders during pregnancy. Persistent nasal congestion can become a risk factor in fetal growth and development (though it’s rare).
  • Increased blood pressure is another common symptom of pregnancy that can lead to chronic snoring.
  • Gestational sleep-disordered breathing is mainly caused by the excess estrogen affecting the nasal mucosa and causes changes to the upper airways. 
  • Slower digestion is another cause of sleep disturbances during pregnancy due to increased gastric-emptying time, usually occurring after the 3rd semester in 75% of pregnant women.
  • Many women experience weight gain during their pregnancy, and between 15-20% of obese women suffer from obstructive sleep apnea. This is a risk factor for those who were already habitual snorers..

According to a study in the American Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology, maternal age plays a part in whether pregnant women developed sleep-disordered breathing. So did pre-pregnancy BMI, diastolic blood pressure, and chronic hypertension.

Also, snoring in the 1st trimester is an indicator that you’ll have elevated risks of disordered breathing later.

If you’re struggling with snoring in your mid-to-late pregnancy, you’ll likely need a solution that opens up the airways. Try Vitalsleep as a way to breathe easier and sleep more comfortably in your last few months of pregnancy

What’s Wrong with Gestational Snoring?

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A heavy snorer sleeps fewer hours per night and often suffers from poor sleep quality. This leads to sleep deprivation and daytime sleepiness.

Because snoring is a common symptom of pregnancy, it’s led to the myth that it leads to adverse pregnancy outcomes. 

While disturbances during pregnancy may lead to poor sleep quality, studies have found that gestational snoring does not lead to adverse fetal outcomes, despite common misconceptions, and suggests that there are alternative reasons for poor delivery outcomes.

Pregnant or not, it is still wise to keep a record of your nightly sleep duration every night in a sleep diary. 

Try These 8 Snore Solutions To Help Your Snoring During Pregnancy

While snoring is not as bad as some other disorders of pregnancy such as high blood pressure or gestational diabetes, a high frequency of snoring can disrupt your sleep. 

There are several snore solutions to sleep better at night and increase your hours of sleep.

1. Vitalsleep Anti-Snoring Mouthpiece


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Due to weight gain during pregnancy after the 3rd trimester, some women change their sleeping position to compensate, resulting in blocked nasal passages and subsequent snoring. 

Vitalsleep helps remedy this. This mouthpiece moves your jaw forward to open it and provides a better flow of air at night through your throat. 

People who’ve used it report an increase in self-reported sleep duration. 

For gestational snorers, Vitalsleep can help boost sleep duration during pregnancy.

As Rick Riesterer from Wisconsin puts it:

“My wife is totally pleased and she can sleep again without having to move, I’m getting better sleep so well done. I’m impressed.”

Get your Vitalsleep today and get free shipping on all orders.

2. Smart Nora


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The average overweight woman is more likely to experience habitual snoring, and since late pregnancy can lead to weight gain, there is an increased risk of suffering sleep-disordered breathing. 

Pregnant women who are frequent snorers have found solace in using Smart Nora, a pillow insert that changes the height of your pillow to reduce snoring during pregnancy. 

According to Dr. Roy Raymann, VP of Sleep Science and Scientific Affairs at SleepScore Labs:

“Our validation study revealed that Smart Nora can help both snorers and their partners in getting better sleep as a result of decreased snoring.”

Smart Nora can reduce snoring by 30%.

Buy Smart Nora now and get 20% off by signing up to the newsletter.

3. Anti-Snoring Positional Sleep Aid


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Obese women and pregnant women who are in their 3rd trimester tend to suffer from chronic snoring. Part of the reason is that you automatically roll on to your back. However, chronic snorers know that snoring occurs most often when you sleep on your back.

The Anti-Snoring Positional Sleeping Aid does exactly what the name implies. This positional therapy sleep aid will make sure you’re in the correct sleep position so you can reduce the frequency of snoring and increase your hours of sleep.

Buy now and enjoy a 60-night sleep guarantee.

4. Good Morning Snore Solution Mouthpiece


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Good Morning Snore Solution Mouthpiece is an anti-snoring device that’s been fully tested in a study, proving to provide a solution to snoring. According to findings, habitual snorers reported their hours per night slept increased when using this tool. 

Pregnant women can use this product as breathing during pregnancy tends to become more difficult when sleeping, especially in the 3rd trimester. Chronic snorers and women who had sleep-disordered breathing in pregnancy found this device extremely useful.

Around 70% of users who took part in a study of this mouthpiece said that they would continue to use it after the study because it’s so good at preventing snoring.

Order now and get a 30-day moneyback guarantee.

5. ZQuiet Anti-Snoring Nasal Breathing Aid


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One of the most common effects of pregnancy is blocked nasal passages, which cause blood vessels to swell, resulting in snoring. 

While many pregnant women tend to become a snorer during late pregnancy, it does not mean that the problem will solve itself after your child’s birth. 

ZQuiet Anti-Snoring Nasal Breathing Aid improves airflow to relieve nasal congestion and reduce snoring. The flexible wings fit all sizes and extend your nightly sleep duration.

Happy customer, Patricia W, raves about its performance, saying:

“Best product ever purchased. Stopped my snoring. Thank you ZQuiet Nasal Breathing Aid!”

Buy now and enjoy a 60-night sleep guarantee.

6. Snorecircle Anti-snoring Muscle Stimulator


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While snoring is one of the most common effects of pregnancy, it can become very annoying when you keep waking up at night, reducing nightly sleep duration. 

Snorecircle Anti-snoring Muscle Stimulator is a device created for habitual snorers that goes under your chin and stimulates the muscles to avoid frequent snoring. 

Made for modern society, you can take this device with you anywhere you go. Beware though, this mustn’t be used by people who have a heart condition.

As satisfied customer, Jessica, proudly exclaims:

“Fantastic product. This Muscle stimulator really works. I went from super loud snorer to quiet and very little snoring at all.”

Buy now and end your gestational snoring.

7. Helps Stop Snoring Spray


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When it comes to maternal health, it’s important to keep an eye on small details. For example, issues like gestational hypertension can first show up as snoring. If you have a balanced sleeping routine in your 3rd trimester, perhaps you need to consider talking to a doctor about why you’re snoring so badly.

If there aren’t any underlying issues, you may find that a simple spray can help knock off your snoring and help combat daytime sleepiness.

Habitual snorers use Helps Stop Snoring Spray to increase the blood flow and unblock nasal pathways.

Purchase now and enjoy up to 50 peaceful nights with just one bottle.

8. Breathe Right Nasal Strips


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Breathe Right Nasal Strips reduce chronic snoring caused by nasal congestion, which is one of the main snoring issues for pregnant women. Gestational snorers can now breathe in the fresh air at night thanks to these extra drug-free nasal strips built to help you breathe even better.

These extra drug-free nasal strips work by opening the airways by pulling out your nostrils.

Current findings show that these strips work pretty well.

Buy now and enjoy a 30-day moneyback guarantee.


Snoring during pregnancy is a common occurrence, but that doesn’t mean it has to stay that way. With so many methods to choose from, it’s easy for you to find something that suits your sleeping needs and helps you achieve snore-free nights. Your body and your baby will thank you for taking the time to sleep.

If you find yourself rolling over constantly, this is likely your biggest cause of snoring. The anti-snoring positional sleeping aid can work wonders to keep you on your side and sleeping comfortably.

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